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Aeriel is a management and flight scheduling software, designed for business aircraft operators and airlines. It is a real-time online application that keeps your team up-to-date, helps you with routine tasks and makes your data available to anyone, anywhere.

Are you performing charter, corporate, private, delivery, cargo or ambulance flights - either under an AOC or privately?
Do you feel your team could be more flexible and communicate better?
Are you looking for optimisation of flight processes?
Are you dissatisfied with your current rigid and inflexible software - or even don't have any yet?

Aeriel is the perfect solution for your airline

Aeriel has complex features for all departments:

Management Crews Dispatch Sales Safety Training & Licensing Maintenance Finance

verified_user Secure

Aeriel keeps all your data secure and physically separated from all other airlines

thumb_up Smart

Aeriel is a powerful and clever, with beautiful interface, yet remains simple, intuitive and user-friendly

settings_suggest Flexible

Aeriel is highly configurable to perfectly match the needs of your airline

important_devices Anywhere

Aeriel can be used on any device: Windows or Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad

News & Milestones

07 February 2024
Introducing the Safety Module

Following an intensive development phase, Safety module is now available. The module is seamlessly integrated into the system, focusing on three main areas: Safety Library, Safety Reporting and Emergency Response Guidance. All packed with clever and user-oriented features, as always.

1) The Safety Library is the backbone of the module, keeping all your safety-related data in one place. It allows you to conduct investigations, store safety information, monitor safety performance through Safety Performance Indicators and Targets, suggest mitigation measures, build Hazards & Risks database or to evaluate safety statistics.

2) The Safety Reporting system allows you to freely design any report form for interactive filling. Mandatory, voluntary and confidential reports are supported. Flight reports, Bird strikes, TCAS RAs, Air traffic events, Maintenance events, Anonymous reporting - everything in one place.

3) The Emergency Response Guidance section allows any employee to quickly react on developing emergency and to store all relevant data for quick share across the company.

Sounds interesting, right? Contact your Aeriel representative for a demo presentation and setup!

10 October 2023
Brief updates summary

During past weeks, we have introduced several updates that bring you new functionality and polishing, adding:

  • Custom Airport & Countries warnings (time limited or unlimited) that are displayed in Job detail to selected roles
  • "Connect these two subsequent empty flights" hints, together with a potentially saved flight time
  • "Include scheduled flights" checkbox to Flight Statistics, which include scheduled flights in calculations - for example, calculates a prediction of a flight time of a crew member (aircraft, client) until the end of the month (year)
  • "Whole month" option to per diems which shows empty days, OFFs, holidays etc.
  • "My Flights" section to airport detail (Airport > Flights)
  • Median calculations to Flight and Job Statistics (alongside with average calculations)
  • Duty Rules overview section clearly showing all validation rules and configuration that is used for calculations
  • "Mandatory Acknowledge Topics", that user has yet to acknowledge, are also shown on Dashboard
  • "Aircraft's Nav database expires soon" warning support
  • Viewer of uploaded Outlook's .msg files
  • ... and so much more

However, most importantly, a brand new Safety Module is almost completed and will be available in upcoming months!

04 April 2023
Aeriel goes public

After several years of private operation for selected airlines, we are happy to announce that Aeriel is now publicly available to all business aviation operators. If you are looking for a reliable and cleaver management system, Aeriel is a great solution.

Contact us for a demo presentation and to learn more »

Main features


The most important information in one place: upcoming flights, expiring licences, unclassified airports, company bulletins or Twitter feed with information from Eurocontrol and other sources.

Icon: Dashboard

Interactive calendar

Three calendar views for all your needs - Overview, Aircraft and Crew. Add maintenance, holiday, day off or meeting events. Not only resource availability but any discrepancy is shown – flight status, duty problems, overlapping flights, rostering conflicts, required positioning, unpaid trips, missing airport qualifications and many more.

Icon: Interactive calendar

Flight scheduling

Quickly prepare the flight schedule complete with passenger manifest. Generate and send charter documents directly to the client, add invoicing data with due payment reminders, write notes, or upload documents.

Icon: Flight scheduling

Flight dispatch

Send pre-prepared handling requests, track status of any required service, generate general declarations (GENDECs) and other documents. Smart status indicates any missing or omitted item. If your schedule changes, all affected items are invalidated automatically for your review or update.

Icon: Flight dispatch

Duty calculations

Automatic predictive and post-flight duty calculations warn you about possible exceedance - even if the crew is not assigned yet! Track exceedance reports or add "Other Duty" (Simulators, Ground training, Office time and other).

Icon: Duty calculations


Combine powerful filters for complex data reports:

  • "Show me the total flight time per each client this year"
  • "Show me the average profit of all medical flights last year booked via phone - and group them by aircraft"
  • "Show me statistics of all cargo flights to Italy on our Citation Excels where Skywalker was flying as the captain and was pilot monitoring"
Icon: Statistics


Keep all your safety-related data in one integrated system. Safety library, investigations, mitigations, hazards & risks, safety performance indicators & targets (SPIs & SPTs), mandatory, voluntary and confidential reports, safety performance evaluation, safety statistics, emergency response guidance and much more.

Icon: Safety


Monitor validity of documents, proficiency and training records of every employee. Check pilot recency and experience, their simulator records or compliance with special airport qualifications. Set up auto-archive rules or generate certificates for in-house training.

Icon: Licensing


Be informed about any changes that concern you, the crew or even the Flight Operations Manager. Everybody stays in the loop without any calls or e-mails.

Icon: Notifications

JetYou integration

Publish your empty legs within seconds! Aeriel is integrated with JetYou, a mobile platform which offers empty legs directly to clients.

Icon: JetYou integration

And more...

  • Finance reports
  • Per diem calculations
  • Maintenance limits
  • Intercom (AKA forum board) with "acknowledge receipt" feature for mandatory-read information
  • Intelligent search with enhanced filtering
  • Quick chat
  • Shared tasks and reminders
  • Granular setup of access rights based on roles

Aeriel has a great amount of useful features, too much to be described here in fact.

Ask us for a presentation and see for yourself »


Aeriel is being offered as an unlimited software. We do not limit you on how much data you create in the software. That means, among others:

  • Unlimited number of aircraft
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of flights
  • Unlimited import of your past flights

We offer several options on how the application is deployed:


Aeriel Cloud

We take care of everything

The application is hosted on our servers, and we take care of all operations. We just set it up, and you are good to go!


Aeriel Lifetime

Unique opportunity

Worried about sending your data to the unknown? Use Aeriel on your own server with the lifetime licence. It will be all yours to keep forever; including the source code.

all_inclusive cloud

Aeriel Lifetime in Cloud

Ideal combination

Both plans combined in a perfect mix. Get the Lifetime licence including the source code, but the application itself will run on our private servers.

Contact & Inquiry

Do you want to know more about Aeriel? Let us send you additional details, arrange a live demo presentation or provide a price quotation.

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Reference: Richard Santus

Richard Santus

CEO, Aeropartner

"Aeriel is the most advanced charter airline operations software. It has incorporated all administration needs we've ever had at Aeropartner under one account."

Reference: Jaroslav Velebil

Jaroslav Velebil

Ground Operations Director, Aeropartner

"We perceive Aeriel as a reliable tool for the complex organization of our private flights, and we especially appreciate its user flexibility in the administration of frequent program updates or other operational last minute changes."

Reference: Karolína Bistraninová

Karolína Bistraninová

Sales Director, Aeropartner

"We switched to the custom-tailored Aeriel back in 2018. It has saved us a great amount of time-consuming work and prevented many operational errors ever since, therefore we didn't have to hire additional employees as originally planned. Aeriel is fulfilling our scheduling and reporting needs in all directions."

Reference: Martin P.

Martin P.

COO and Safety Manager, Air Bohemia

"Aeriel has brought a comprehensive and well-organised flight planning and management tool into Air Bohemia. It has become an essential part of our company."

Reference: Christian E.

Christian E.

Flight Operations Manager, Aeriel customer

"Since we switched to Aeriel, our internal communication has significantly improved, it eliminated unnecessary e-mails. I have all important information at a glance - airport classifications and qualifications, duty exceedance, and many more."